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Edible Jellyfish with Cucumber

Recipe #: 143  |  Submitted By: yankit  |  Last Modified: 31 Jan 2009

Description: Do not be put off by the rubbery appearance of the jellyfish which is sold in sheets, folded and packed into plastic bags with large grains of salt in-between the folds. When properly prepared, edible jellyfish gives great pleasure to those who enjoy food as much for texture as for taste. This is certainly why the Chinese seek it.

Servings: 4 servings

Edible Jellyfish with Cucumber
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Ingredients for Edible Jellyfish with Cucumber

 450g preserved edible jellyfish

 ½ long cucumber

For the dressing:

 1 tsp of cider vinegar

 2 tbsp thin soy sauce

 ½ tsp sugar

 1 tbsp sesame oil

 ½ tsp made-up mustard

Directions for Edible Jellyfish with Cucumber

1. Shake off all the sandy salt from the jellyfish. Wash in 3 changes of water, squeezing to get rid of some of the excess saltiness

2. Put into a large, deep bowl and fill up with cold water. Leave to soak, changing the water at 60-minutes intervals and squeezing the jellyfish each time. Test by tasting: if the jellyfish is totally bland, it is ready.

3. Prepare the dressing: mix together the vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, oil and mustard

4. Squeeze out excess water. Put on a board and cut into thin strips about 3mm wide. Pour hot water over the strips to make them curl up. Drain well and pat dry.

5. Cut the cucumber diagonally into slices about 3mm thick. Stack a few pieces together at a time and cut into sticks about 5mm wide.

6. Arrange the cucumber on a serving plate and place the jellyfish in the centre.

7. Just before serving, add the well-stirred dressing to the jellyfish, then mix in the cucumber.

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