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Deep-fried Squid with Spicy Salt and Pepper

Recipe #: 13  |  Submitted By: sshek  |  Last Modified: 11 Nov 2007

Description: This recipe is one of the specialities of the Cantonese school of cuisine. Southern China is famous for its seafood, often flavoured with ginger.

Servings: 4

Deep-fried Squid with Spicy Salt and Pepper
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Ingredients for Deep-fried Squid with Spicy Salt and Pepper

 450g/1lb squid

 5ml/1 tsp ginger juice

 15ml/1 tsp Chinese rice wine or dry sherry

 about 575ml/1 pint/2½ cups of boiling water

 vegetable oil, for deep frying

 spicy salt and pepper

 fresh coriander leaves, to garnish

Directions for Deep-fried Squid with Spicy Salt and Pepper

Cooking Tip

To make ginger juice, mix finely chopped or grated fresh root ginger with an equal quantity of cold water and place in a piece of damp muslin. Twist tightly to extract the juice. Alternatively, crush the ginger in a garlic press.

1. Clean the squid by discarding the head and the transparent backbone as well as the ink bag, peel off and discard the thin skin, then wash the squid and dry well on kitchen paper. open up the squid and, using a sharp knife, score the inside of the flesh in a criss-cross pattern.

2. Cut the squid into pieces, each about the size of a postage stamp. Marinate in a bowl with the ginger juice and rice wine or sherry for 25-30 minutes.

3. Blanch the squid in boiling water for a few seconds - each piece will curl up and the criss-cross pattern will open out to resemble ears of corn. Remove and drain. Dry well.

4. Heat sufficient oil for deep frying in a wok. Deep fry the squid for 15-20 seconds only, remove quickly and drain. Sprinkle with the spicy salt and pepper and serve garnished with fresh coriander leaves.

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