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Fried Vegetarian Wonton

Recipe #: 3  |  Submitted By: sshek  |  Last Modified: 11 Nov 2007

Description: This is an easy to make appetiser and finger food. Great for parties!

Servings: 30-25 Wontons

Fried Vegetarian Wonton
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Ingredients for Fried Vegetarian Wonton

 1 package of Wonton Pastry (about 30 - 35)

 Hoi sin sauce, for dipping

 6 pieces of cabbage

 3 baby carrots

 2 teaspoon of Garlic Granules

 80g of Fresh bean sprout

 3 teaspoons of mashed bean curd

 1 teaspoon of salt

 1 teaspoon of black pepper

 1 teaspoon of Superior Light Soy Sauce

 1 teaspoon of Superior Dark Soy Sauce

 1 teaspoon of Pure Sesame Oil

 1 teaspoon of salt

 ½ teaspoon of sugar

 2 teaspoon of Cornstarch

 ½ cup of water

Directions for Fried Vegetarian Wonton

1. Finely shredded carrots, cabbage and bean sprout.

2. Heat oil in wok, stir-fry the ingredient for the filling until cooked, save it and wait until it cools down.

3. Spread the Wonton pastry, wrap the cooled fillings inside, stick 2 edges together with a little bit of water.

4. Deep- fry the Vegetarian Wonton, drain on paper serve with Hoisin Sauce.

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