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Noodles in Beijing Style

Recipe #: 39  |  Submitted By: mystic  |  Last Modified: 21 Feb 2008

Description: Noodles in Beijing Style

Servings: 2 servings

Noodles in Beijing Style
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Ingredients for Noodles in Beijing Style

 4 Chinese mushrooms, soaked

 1 egg, beaten

 1 tsp minced ginger

 50g pork, sliced

 200g Shanghai thick noodles, cooked

 25g bamboo shoots, sliced

 50g shrimp meat, deveined

 50g broccoli, cut into pieces

 4 pieces dried wood fungus, soaked (optional)


 1 tsp corn starch

 white pepper to taste

 1 tsp oyster sauce

 1 tsp wine (optional)

Seasoning Mix

 1 tsp blended sesame oil

 1 tbsp oyster sauce

 500ml stock

 1½ tbsp corn starch

Directions for Noodles in Beijing Style

1. Mix pork with marinade.

2. Place cooked noodles in serving bowls. Keep warm.

3. Heat 2 tbsp oil. Saute minced ginger till fragrant. Add shrimps, pork, bamboo shoots, broccoli, wood fungus and Chinese mushrooms. Stir-fry for awhile.

4. Pour in seasoning mix and bring to the boil until thickens. Stir in beaten egg. Pour over noodles and serve.

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