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Sesame Prawn Toast

Recipe #: 8  |  Submitted By: sshek  |  Last Modified: 11 Nov 2007

Description: Sesame Prawn Toast

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Sesame Prawn Toast
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Ingredients for Sesame Prawn Toast

 1lb prawn

 1oz fat pork

 2 sprigs parsley

 2 green onions

 4 pieces of bread

 1 cup sesame seeds

 1 tsp salt

 ½ tsp sugar

 dash of pepper

 few drops of sesame oil

 1½ tbsp cornstarch

Directions for Sesame Prawn Toast

1. De-vein prawns, wash with salt under running water. Dry with towel.

2. Boil fat pork for a while then wash with cold water. Chop into fine pieces.

3. Wash and chop parsley and green onion.

4. Put bread into very slow oven and bake until dried.

5. Mash prawns then put into mixing bowl with seasonings added. Pound against the bowl until elastic. Add in chopped pork, parsley and cornstarch. Mix well.

6. Put a little cornstarch onto bread, spread one quarter prawn mixture on top. Flatten with knife then coat with sesame seeds.

7. Pour oil in hot pan. When oil begins to boil, put in triangles and deep dry over medium heat until golden. Cut each square into 4 to 8 triangles. Serve hot.

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