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Sushi, for many in the West a synonym for Japanese food, is a general term for all dishes using sumeshi (vinegared rice) in combination with other ingredients, mainly raw fish. However, sushi began life not in Japan, but in ancient Southeast Asia as a method for preserving fresh fish in steamed rice with salt.

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This is the basic method for cooking Japanese omelette. It is a regular breakfast item as well as being used for sushi. Japanese Omelette - Tamago Yaki 29 Jun 2011
It may take time to get used to the idea of eating completely raw fish, but lightly blanched or seared fillet with salad is a good starting point. You can use other fish such as salmon. Seared Tuna Sashimi Salad 24 Jun 2011
Sushi is a general term for all food with sumeshi or vinegared rice. Sushi should never be put in the fridge (it will go hard). The vinegar will help preserve it for a few days if kept, wrapped, in a cool place, such as a shady windowsill. To make sushi rice, boil 15 percent more water than rice. Don't take the lid off during cooking, or you will spoil the rice. Vinegared Rice - Sumeshi 10 Feb 2011
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