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You can make some plain congee a few days ahead, and store it in the fridge. Whenever you need it, just bring it to boil and pop in some marinated beef mince. A nice and hot breakfast served in just a few minutes. Beef Mince Congee 4 Feb 2012
Seared salmon with Singapore noodles. Seared Salmon with Singapore Noodles 3 Feb 2012
If green mango is impossible to find, supermarkets often have mangoes that are unintentionally rock hard and perfect for a salad like this. Papaya can also be used and even pomelos, which are those large green grapefruit-like fruits. Chicken and Green Mango Thai Salad 27 Oct 2011
This imperial BBQ pork is inspired by bun cha, the charcoal-grilled pork served with rice vermicelli and fresh herbs on the streets of Hanoi's Old Quarter, but is given a twist with marinade flavours from the imperial city Hue's cuisine. Cooking over charcoal will add a subtle, smoky aroma to the meat. Imperial BBQ Pork Banh Mi 27 Oct 2011
Special Fried Rice is a great way to use up leftovers! Special Fried Rice 19 Oct 2011
A refreshing fruit smoothie or, if you are feeling really indulgent - a base for a cocktail when added to crushed ice and a shot of vodka! Mango and Coconut Smoothie 17 Oct 2011
This is a typical Vietnamese salad - full of fresh herbs like coriander and mint. Vietnamese Salad with Chicken 15 Oct 2011
This is a typical Vietnamese sweet, and the stick are ideal for little ones so they don't burn their fingers. Doughnuts on Sticks 15 Oct 2011
A delightful chilled soup, perfect for Summer eating. Chilled Cucumber Soup 15 Oct 2011
A quick version of the traditional Vietnamese soup that takes up to half a day to prepare! Don't worry - this version is ready in a matter of minutes. Quick Pho Soup 15 Oct 2011
These fritters make a delicious light supper and if made half the are ideal as canapes. Sweetcorn Fritters with a Chilli and Mango Salsa 15 Oct 2011
Delicious Japanese pork chops - crunchy outside and juicy inside. Japanese Pork Loin Chops 15 Oct 2011
This soup is delicious as a light Main or even a starter to an Oriental meal. Chinese Curry Noodle Soup 14 Oct 2011
These summer rolls (so called because they are not deep-fried) are so quick and easy to make, an ideal alternative to sandwiches for a packed lunch. Vietnamese Summer Rolls 14 Oct 2011
Quick and easy, this stir-fried pork recipe is great if you need a tasty dinner on the table in a matter of minutes. Stir-fried Chilli Pork 9 Oct 2011
A good noodle soup or rice soup can enrich and bless your body even your mind. Smoked Duck and Ginger Noodle Soup 26 Sep 2011
This is a common dish for Thai office workers. The reason is simple. It is widely available from street food stalls and can be cooked very quickly in a short lunch break. It is also quite spicy so it's a great way to pep yourself up for the afternoon. Fried egg is sometimes looked down on in the west, but its a staple of Thai cooking. It originates from central Thailand, but can be bought everywhere. This is medium spicy. Fried Pork, Basil and Egg 24 Sep 2011
This is a spicy chicken soup with coconut milk used to add depth to the soup. A citrus flavour comes from Kaffir lime leaves and lemon grass. The spicy taste comes from the chilli, so you can adjust the chilli level to suit your own taste. The quantities are correct for a medium hot soup. The dish uses galanga root, which looks similar to ginger root and is sometimes referred to as Thai ginger. Don't be fooled, it is not ginger and you should not substitute it with ginger. Spicy Chicken Coconut Soup 24 Sep 2011
This is a typcially hot Thai curry, but if you don't like the heat, remoce the seeds and white ribs from inside the chillies before making the paste. Thai Red Squash, Spinach and Coconut Curry 18 Sep 2011
This is a quick starter or a simple supper, a doddle to make but looks impressive, what could be better? Crispy Pork with Chilli Lime Sauce 13 Sep 2011
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