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A good-value, hearty supper in a bowl, lightened up with a dollop of yogurt and sprinkling of fresh herbs. Black Bean and Chilli Soup 11 Sep 2011
Bring the fresh flavours of Thailand to your midweek meal with this easy soup. Thai Noodle Soup with Coconut and Salmon 8 Sep 2011
A fab, cheap, veggie curry, great for a student gathering. And the left overs will taste great the next day. Sweet Potato and Pea Curry 6 Sep 2011
Cooking with virtue; fast, cheap and healthy vegetarian lentil curry, that's also low in fat and freezable. Easy Lentil Curry 6 Sep 2011
Perfect Friday night food, a warming low fat prawn curry ready in just 20 minutes. Easy Thai Prawn Curry 6 Sep 2011
This recipe is a guideline, always check your fridge for any surplus fresh or cooked vegetables you may have, and substitute them for the equivalent quantity in the recipe. Vegetable Curry 29 Aug 2011
This is one of those salads which tastes so amazing that you have to keep making it! It's spicy, zingy and really gets your tastebuds going. Fresh Asian Noodle Salad 25 Aug 2011
This is one of those dishes that's really exciting to eat - the flavours are really fragrant and light. Steamed fish and rice is always a winner, especially with Thai flavours. If you've got a good fishmonger, using other fish like red mullet, prawns or squid to mix things up a bit is a great idea. It's easy to put together and loads of fun to serve the tray at the table. Steamed Thai style Sea Bass and Rice 25 Aug 2011
Yin-yang is the all prevading dual principle of Chinese philosophy, symbolising the sun and the moon, man and woman, good and evil, light and darkness. In this dish, the egg white and the red tomato are used decoratively to form the yin-ying symbol. Yin-yang Rice 16 Aug 2011
Originating from Yangchow in Eastern China, this dish has become just as much of a favourite with the Cantonese. In fact, it is one of the most well known and popular rice dishes both inside and outside China. Prawns or small shrimps are always used; in the South, char siu or Cantonese roast pork is used instead of ham. Yangchow Fried Rice 16 Aug 2011
This is the basic method for cooking Japanese omelette. It is a regular breakfast item as well as being used for sushi. Japanese Omelette - Tamago Yaki 29 Jun 2011
It may take time to get used to the idea of eating completely raw fish, but lightly blanched or seared fillet with salad is a good starting point. You can use other fish such as salmon. Seared Tuna Sashimi Salad 24 Jun 2011
Sushi is a general term for all food with sumeshi or vinegared rice. Sushi should never be put in the fridge (it will go hard). The vinegar will help preserve it for a few days if kept, wrapped, in a cool place, such as a shady windowsill. To make sushi rice, boil 15 percent more water than rice. Don't take the lid off during cooking, or you will spoil the rice. Vinegared Rice - Sumeshi 10 Feb 2011
Once deep-fried, the puffs, unlike fresh bean curd which will perish within 2-3 days even when refrigerated, can be kept for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator. They are a useful ingredient to use with meat, fish and vegetables as they soak up sauces and add an interesting dimension to the dish. Bean Curd Puffs 11 Dec 2010
If you wish to have a quick and simple yet appetizing bowl of noodles, there is the answer for you. They make an ideal lunch dish. Tossed Noodles with Ginger and Spring Onion 8 Nov 2010
Much of the attraction of this dish lies in the fact that the flavour of the beef and spices permeate the rice while it is being stir-fried. Beef Fried Rice 23 Oct 2010
So called because the mashed tofu is shaped into halved pear-shaped pieces, resembling the celebrated Chinese musical instrument, the Pi Pa. Pi Pa Tofu 23 Oct 2010
This is a whole chicken dish, beloved of the Southern Chinese. If the chicken is hand-plucked in the old-fashioned way, it will be coloured an even russet brown by the soy sauce and sugar mixture. However, when a chicken is machine-plucked, as it usually is in the West, the colouring will not be as successful. Fortunately, the aromatic soy sauce taste is not affected in any way. Soy Sauce Chicken 14 Oct 2010
The Cantonese like to bite into prawns that are crisply firm, and to achieve this texture, Cantonese chefs leave out the ginger and wine when preparing them. Stir-Fried Prawns in Tomato Sauce 11 Oct 2010
Thai Spring Rolls Thai Spring Rolls 25 Dec 2009
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