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In cookery, the Chinese often enjoy making up a dish to resemble the looks, if not also the taste of a particular ingredient, giving the dish the same name. This very light and delightful summer dessert, which looks like bean curd is, in fact, not bean curd at all! Almond Bean Curd 15 Feb 2009
It's been said that the lard is what produces the traditional taste. However, if desired, butter or margarine may be substituted for very satisfactory results. Almond Cookies 24 Nov 2007
Aubergines are given a royal treatment in this recipe, where they are stir-fried with seasonings more commonly associated with fish cooking. Aubergine in Spicy Sauce 17 Dec 2007
Authentic Beijing Roast Duck Pancakes Authentic Beijing Roast Duck Pancakes 15 Aug 2008
Baked Sago Pudding with Bird's Nest Baked Sago Pudding with Bird's Nest 11 Nov 2009
Mouth-watering marinated duck breasts cooked with plums and honey. BBQ Duck Breast with Plum Sauce 24 Aug 2008
Once deep-fried, the puffs, unlike fresh bean curd which will perish within 2-3 days even when refrigerated, can be kept for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator. They are a useful ingredient to use with meat, fish and vegetables as they soak up sauces and add an interesting dimension to the dish. Bean Curd Puffs 11 Dec 2010
A simple but refreshing soup which is also very healthy - a vegetarian's delight. Bean Curd Soup 30 Jan 2009
What makes this dish are the chewy fresh broad rice noodles (hai fun) that soak up the flavour of the sauces. This quick and easy version of Beef Chow Fun uses black bean sauce and baby corn. Beef Chow Fun 23 Jan 2008
Beef Curry (mild) Beef Curry (mild) 4 Jan 2008
Much of the attraction of this dish lies in the fact that the flavour of the beef and spices permeate the rice while it is being stir-fried. Beef Fried Rice 23 Oct 2010
You can make some plain congee a few days ahead, and store it in the fridge. Whenever you need it, just bring it to boil and pop in some marinated beef mince. A nice and hot breakfast served in just a few minutes. Beef Mince Congee 4 Feb 2012
A convenient and tasty beef dish that can serve, two, four or more. Beef Stir-Fry with Broccoli & Oyster Sauce 28 Jul 2008
The secret to this popular restaurant dish is to marinate the beef in a bit of oil Beef with Broccoli 29 Aug 2008
One of the all-time favourite beef dish - spiced with ginger and flavoured with spring onions. Beef with Ginger and Spring Onions 17 Sep 2008
Black bean sauce is a very popular condiment in Chinese cuisine. In case you have never come across with it, it is actually made from fermented black soybeans. It is strong, exotic with salty taste. It adds texture and richness to the dishes. Combined with tender beef fillets and green paper, it is a delicious, full flavoured dish for all beef lovers. Beef with Green Pepper and Black Bean Sauce 1 May 2008
Bird's Nest Egg Tarts Bird's Nest Egg Tarts 28 Sep 2009
Like Shark's fin soup, Bird's nest soup reaches the heights of Chinese cuisine, though Westerners are often put off by the name and the fact that it is produced by swallow's saliva. On its own, bird's nest is bland, and its function is to provide texture, rather than taste to the soup. A very rich, prime stock is therefore essential as a base, as is the Chicken velvet. And yet, without the bird's nest, no amount of stock or chicken velvet could produce the unique quality of this soup. Bird's Nest Soup 5 Jul 2009
A good-value, hearty supper in a bowl, lightened up with a dollop of yogurt and sprinkling of fresh herbs. Black Bean and Chilli Soup 11 Sep 2011
Black Soya Bean Curd Dessert Black Soya Bean Curd Dessert 11 Dec 2009
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