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These fritters make a delicious light supper and if made half the are ideal as canapes. Sweetcorn Fritters with a Chilli and Mango Salsa 15 Oct 2011
A wok is the ideal cooking pot for this stir-fried chicken dish. The flavours emerge wonderfully and the chicken is fresh and crisp. Szechuan Chicken 17 Dec 2007
Szechuan Hot-Fried Crispy Shredded Beef with Carrots Szechuan Hot-Fried Crispy Shredded Beef with Carrots 15 Jul 2008
An Italian favourite given the heat treatment thanks to fresh green chillies. Kafir lime leaves and lemongrass add a fragrant Thai edge. Thai Crab Risotto 11 Apr 2008
This is a substantial dish, best served with crusty bread, for mopping up all the spicy juices. Thai Fish Stir-Fry 7 Sep 2008
Tender meaty chunks of monkfish poached in creamy curry stock. This is delicious and idiot-proof - all you need are a few fresh ingredients, half an hour and a couple of hungry mouths to feed. Thai Green Monkfish Curry 11 Apr 2008
Bring the fresh flavours of Thailand to your midweek meal with this easy soup. Thai Noodle Soup with Coconut and Salmon 8 Sep 2011
This has all the exotic fragrances and flavours of the East, yet it's very simple to make. Thai Pork Satay Kebabs with Peanut and Coconut Sauce 8 Jul 2008
This is a typcially hot Thai curry, but if you don't like the heat, remoce the seeds and white ribs from inside the chillies before making the paste. Thai Red Squash, Spinach and Coconut Curry 18 Sep 2011
Thai Spicy Noodle Thai Spicy Noodle 14 Apr 2008
Thai Spring Rolls Thai Spring Rolls 25 Dec 2009
Thai Squid Red Curry Thai Squid Red Curry 6 Oct 2008
This is very simple to make and the chicken will contain more flavour if allowed to marinade with the sauce overnight. Try serving this with spicy fried rice. Thai Style BBQ Chicken 20 May 2008
Pad Thai is often called the signature dish of Thai cuisine. There are several regional variations. Thai Style Fried Noodles (Pad Thai) 20 Apr 2008
Thai Vegetable Curry Thai Vegetable Curry 22 Jul 2008
The three main flavours come from the seafood. Three Flavours Platter (Gung Nieng Mara nam Prick Guy) 7 Apr 2008
If you wish to have a quick and simple yet appetizing bowl of noodles, there is the answer for you. They make an ideal lunch dish. Tossed Noodles with Ginger and Spring Onion 8 Nov 2010
Tossed Noodles with Seafood Tossed Noodles with Seafood 20 Nov 2008
Turnip Cake Turnip Cake 1 Dec 2007
Vanilla Sponge Vanilla Sponge 11 Nov 2007
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