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This recipe is a guideline, always check your fridge for any surplus fresh or cooked vegetables you may have, and substitute them for the equivalent quantity in the recipe. Vegetable Curry 29 Aug 2011
This delightful Chinese vegetarian dish is a healthy alternative to spring rolls and makes a stunning starter Vegetarian Crispy Bean Curd Rolls 22 Aug 2008
When making this dish for non-vegetarians, or for vegetarians who eat fish, add a piece of blacan (compressed shrimp paste). A small chunk about the size of a stock cube, mashed with the chilli paste, will add a deliciously rich, aromatic flavour. Vegetarian Fried Noodles 20 Oct 2008
This is a typical Vietnamese salad - full of fresh herbs like coriander and mint. Vietnamese Salad with Chicken 15 Oct 2011
These summer rolls (so called because they are not deep-fried) are so quick and easy to make, an ideal alternative to sandwiches for a packed lunch. Vietnamese Summer Rolls 14 Oct 2011
Sushi is a general term for all food with sumeshi or vinegared rice. Sushi should never be put in the fridge (it will go hard). The vinegar will help preserve it for a few days if kept, wrapped, in a cool place, such as a shady windowsill. To make sushi rice, boil 15 percent more water than rice. Don't take the lid off during cooking, or you will spoil the rice. Vinegared Rice - Sumeshi 10 Feb 2011
Walnut Cookies Walnut Cookies 8 Mar 2008
In Hong Kong and China, some restaurants specialise in a very sophisticated dish, Winter Melon Pond. A whole winter melon of perfect size is partially hollowed, filled with such delicacies as crabmeat, diced duck, pork, Chinese mushrooms and bamboo shoots and then steamed for hours to proudce the most delectable soup. But it is not a practical dish to make at home. This recipe, however, is, and the melon is succulent in the soup. Winter Melon and Chicken Velvet Soup 12 Aug 2009
Winter Melon Crisp Winter Melon Crisp 1 Dec 2007
The tender wonton wrappers, deep-fried to a crisp before being dunked in the soup, lend special character to this dish. The colour of the ingredients, suspended in the clear soup, is especially attractive. Wonton Wrapper Crisps Soup 28 May 2009
Originating from Yangchow in Eastern China, this dish has become just as much of a favourite with the Cantonese. In fact, it is one of the most well known and popular rice dishes both inside and outside China. Prawns or small shrimps are always used; in the South, char siu or Cantonese roast pork is used instead of ham. Yangchow Fried Rice 16 Aug 2011
This is yellow soya in a sticky sauce. Normally served with coconut milk, but for extra richess, you can add a spoonful of cocunut cream instead. Yellow Soya Pudding (Tao Suarn) 13 Jul 2008
Yin-yang is the all prevading dual principle of Chinese philosophy, symbolising the sun and the moon, man and woman, good and evil, light and darkness. In this dish, the egg white and the red tomato are used decoratively to form the yin-ying symbol. Yin-yang Rice 16 Aug 2011
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