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A typical bean and sweet coconut dessert from Thailand. This is an ideal vegetarian dish, even suitable for vegans, as the beans are full of protein. Black Soya Bean in Sweet Coconut Sauce (Tua Dam) 1 Jul 2008
A Cantonese fire pot reflects what's easily available in the region, and it therefore consists of seafood as well as meat and vegetables. If you do not want to use the traditional charcoal-burning fire pot for cooking at the table, use a heatproof bowl and burner or an electric pot. Cantonese Fire Pot 30 Jul 2009
Wontons, or small dumplings, served in broth are a national Chinese snack. The main ingredient for wonton filling is pork, but in Kwangtung, shrimps and prawns are also used, because they are so easily available. This addition gives the wontons a much more interesting taste and texture. Cantonese Wonton Soup 17 Jun 2009
Caramel Rice Balls in Ginger Sauce (Bor Loy Nam King Takai) Caramel Rice Balls in Ginger Sauce (Bor Loy Nam King Takai) 3 Aug 2008
In Cantonese this savoury pastry, a bit like a little pie, is called Char Siu Sau. It's a parcel of crisp, flaky puff-pastry wrapped around succulent barbecued pork in a sweetly spicy sauce. Char Siu Puff 1 Dec 2007
Chestnut and Chicken Soup Chestnut and Chicken Soup 22 Mar 2008
Chestnuts with Chinese Cabbages Soup Chestnuts with Chinese Cabbages Soup 22 Mar 2008
If green mango is impossible to find, supermarkets often have mangoes that are unintentionally rock hard and perfect for a salad like this. Papaya can also be used and even pomelos, which are those large green grapefruit-like fruits. Chicken and Green Mango Thai Salad 27 Oct 2011
Chicken and sweet corn soup is often found on Chinese restaurant menus. It is a favourite with all, and an excellent way to use leftover roast chicken. Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup 11 Nov 2007
Here is a typical recipe of seasoned chicken wrapped in bi tua leaves. The leaves give the chicken a subtle tangy taste, but the dominant flavours come from the dipping sauce. Chicken Bi Tua Parcels (Gay Hor Bi Tua) 6 Apr 2008
Chicken Chow Mein Chicken Chow Mein 9 May 2008
Make your very own chicken curry at home Chicken Curry 4 Jan 2008
Chicken Egg Foo Yung Chicken Egg Foo Yung 17 May 2008
Chicken Fried Rice with Ham and Shrimp. Chicken Fried Rice with Ham and Shrimp 19 Jul 2008
This is a quick, easy, healthy meal. Add a salad and light dessert and you are sure to get rave reviews. Chicken Noodle 15 Nov 2007
Chicken satay is the Thai version of fast food, found in every street market and Thai restaurant. It can be served as a starter, buffet, snack or as a wonderful main course with the addition of salad leaves. Chicken Satay 8 Jul 2008
Chicken Teriyaki Chicken Teriyaki 29 Aug 2008
A preparation of finely minced chicken breast which is made light and fluffy by the addition of egg white. It is used to add taste, texture and substance to soups, such as Winter melon soup and Bird's nest soup. Chicken Velvet 5 Jul 2009
Chicken with Beansprouts Chicken with Beansprouts 7 Aug 2008
Chicken with Cashew Nuts Chicken with Cashew Nuts 17 Sep 2008
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