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Crispy Egg Bows Crispy Egg Bows 8 Mar 2008
This recipe is much better than the frozen Chinese parcels you can buy at the supermarket, the fresh spring onion and coriander really makes a difference. Crispy Pork and Spring Onion Parcels (Giew Toud) 4 Apr 2008
This is a quick starter or a simple supper, a doddle to make but looks impressive, what could be better? Crispy Pork with Chilli Lime Sauce 13 Sep 2011
A favourite from Chinese restaurants and takeaways Crispy Shredded Beef 15 Jul 2008
A bite sized crunchy snack made from coconut milk and cassava starch. If you want to store these, they should be kept in an airtight container. Crunchy Coconut Balls (Kanom Pia) 2 Jul 2008
Deep Fried Sesame Ball Deep Fried Sesame Ball 11 Nov 2007
Deep Fry Prawn Ball Deep Fry Prawn Ball 9 May 2008
Five-spice powder lends this dish its name as well as its characteristic aroma. In Fukien, where this dish originates from, duck's eggs, both the white and the yolk, are used because of their stronger taste. Deep-fried Five-spice Rolls 30 Apr 2009
This recipe is one of the specialities of the Cantonese school of cuisine. Southern China is famous for its seafood, often flavoured with ginger. Deep-fried Squid with Spicy Salt and Pepper 11 Nov 2007
A popular cold starter or a snack that is part and parcel of Cantonese dimsum. Deep-fried Wontons 28 Feb 2009
This is a typical Vietnamese sweet, and the stick are ideal for little ones so they don't burn their fingers. Doughnuts on Sticks 15 Oct 2011
Dried scallops used to be relatively cheap in China and dried scallop soup was the poor man's Shark's fin soup. However, times have changed and this soup, with its contrast in texture between the tender scallops and the crisp bamboo shoots, is now one of the most sought-after first courses, second only to the Shark's fin and Bird's nest soups. Dried Scallop Soup 11 May 2009
Chicken can also be used in this recipe, but duck gives a richer contrast of flavours. Duck and Ginger Chop Suey 23 Dec 2008
The substantial Chinese population in Indonesia is particularly fond of duck and the delicious ingredients in this recipe give it an oriental flavour. Duck with Chinese Mushrooms and Ginger 25 Dec 2008
Cooking with virtue; fast, cheap and healthy vegetarian lentil curry, that's also low in fat and freezable. Easy Lentil Curry 6 Sep 2011
Perfect Friday night food, a warming low fat prawn curry ready in just 20 minutes. Easy Thai Prawn Curry 6 Sep 2011
Do not be put off by the rubbery appearance of the jellyfish which is sold in sheets, folded and packed into plastic bags with large grains of salt in-between the folds. When properly prepared, edible jellyfish gives great pleasure to those who enjoy food as much for texture as for taste. This is certainly why the Chinese seek it. Edible Jellyfish with Cucumber 31 Jan 2009
This is the most basic Chinese soup and can be made in an instant with some clear stock and an egg. The soup's success, however, depends on the technique of adding the egg to the soup. Egg Drop Soup 30 Jan 2009
Fiery Shrimp Curry Fiery Shrimp Curry 27 Apr 2008
This is one of those salads which tastes so amazing that you have to keep making it! It's spicy, zingy and really gets your tastebuds going. Fresh Asian Noodle Salad 25 Aug 2011
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