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Fried Crab with Chilli and Black Bean Sauce Fried Crab with Chilli and Black Bean Sauce 10 Jun 2008
This is a common dish for Thai office workers. The reason is simple. It is widely available from street food stalls and can be cooked very quickly in a short lunch break. It is also quite spicy so it's a great way to pep yourself up for the afternoon. Fried egg is sometimes looked down on in the west, but its a staple of Thai cooking. It originates from central Thailand, but can be bought everywhere. This is medium spicy. Fried Pork, Basil and Egg 24 Sep 2011
A very simple starter to illustrate how plum sauce is used. This dish is simply made up of cubes of deep fried tofu, with plum sauce as a dipping sauce and coriander garnish. Fried Tofu and Plum Sauce (Tuw Hu Tod) 11 Apr 2008
This is an easy to make appetiser and finger food. Great for parties! Fried Vegetarian Wonton 11 Nov 2007
Ginger Flavoured Chocolate Sweet Dumplings Ginger Flavoured Chocolate Sweet Dumplings 30 Nov 2009
Green bean also known as green mung bean is known to have cooling effect on the body - perfect for neutralizing the heaty effect of deep fried food. Green Bean Soup 8 Jul 2008
Green Chives Buns Green Chives Buns 8 Mar 2008
Crab claws are used to delicious effect in this quick stir-fried starter based on an Indonesian dish called kepiting pedas Hot Spicy Crab Claws 28 Nov 2007
Ice Lemon Tea Ice Lemon Tea 8 Jul 2008
Ice-coated Moon Cakes Ice-coated Moon Cakes 14 Sep 2009
Sometimes the simplest dishes are the best. This dessert requires fresh ripe melons. Gala melon or cantaloupe are ideal for this. The coconut adds a rich taste to the melon and the two flavours work extremely well together. Iced Melon in Coconut Milk (Dang-Tie Gati) 3 Jul 2008
This imperial BBQ pork is inspired by bun cha, the charcoal-grilled pork served with rice vermicelli and fresh herbs on the streets of Hanoi's Old Quarter, but is given a twist with marinade flavours from the imperial city Hue's cuisine. Cooking over charcoal will add a subtle, smoky aroma to the meat. Imperial BBQ Pork Banh Mi 27 Oct 2011
This is the basic method for cooking Japanese omelette. It is a regular breakfast item as well as being used for sushi. Japanese Omelette - Tamago Yaki 29 Jun 2011
Delicious Japanese pork chops - crunchy outside and juicy inside. Japanese Pork Loin Chops 15 Oct 2011
Kidney bean balls served in a sweet ginger sauce. Kidney Bean Balls in Ginger Sauce (Bour Loy Nam King) 7 Jul 2008
Kung Po Chicken, one of the most well known Szechuan cuisines, can be traced back to the Qin and Han Dynasties. Although its recognition as a distinct regional system took place only in the Song Dynasty, Szechuan cuisine is famous for its distinct and various flavours. With an exceptional hot chilli flavour, Kung Po Chicken is one of the best Szechuan dishes one can get. Kung Po Chicken 9 May 2008
Why order take out when you can make your own Chinese lemon chicken at home? Lemon Chicken 17 Jun 2008
A refreshing fruit smoothie or, if you are feeling really indulgent - a base for a cocktail when added to crushed ice and a shot of vodka! Mango and Coconut Smoothie 17 Oct 2011
Mango Pancake Mango Pancake 12 Oct 2009
This simple dessert captures the glorious flavour of mango like no other. Its texture is silky rich, and its flavour, simply wonderful. Fresh cream is called for in the original recipe, but evaporated milk gives it the same richness without the fat. Mango Pudding 20 Nov 2007
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