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Mapo Tofu Mapo Tofu 23 Aug 2008
Mini Clay Pot Pudding Mini Clay Pot Pudding 9 Sep 2009
Mini Coconut Tarts Mini Coconut Tarts 11 Oct 2009
These little mushroom houses consist of 3 layers, made up of tofu, a ball of pork mince and a mushroom on top. Mushroom Pork Houses (Had Huom Nuing Tow Hu) 5 Apr 2008
Choose a good medley of flavour mushrooms for this dish, like shitake and seps, to give the taste more depth. Chopped Thai basil and coriander also adds to the flavour. Mushroom Tarts (Had Op Kratong Tong) 9 Apr 2008
Noodles in Beijing Style Noodles in Beijing Style 21 Feb 2008
It seems as though you can find orange chicken almost anywhere you want to eat these days. It is most commonly found at fast food restaurants, but don't worry, this is so much better than anything you will find there. If you're looking for a simple Chinese dish for dinner this evening, be sure to give this recipe for orange chicken a try. Orange Chicken 18 Jun 2008
Buy scallops in their shells to be absolutely sure of their freshness; your fishmonger will open them for you if you find this difficult. Remember to ask for the shells, which make excellent and attractive serving dishes. Queen scallops are particularly prized for their delicate-tasting coral or roe. Oriental Scallops with Ginger Relish 7 Sep 2008
Oriental Stir-Fry Oriental Stir-Fry 22 Jul 2008
Pad Thai is real street food and can be found in many places in Bangkok. Vendors compete and usually cook their unique recipe that has been refined for years. Pad Thai Noodles with Tofu 13 Oct 2008
So called because the mashed tofu is shaped into halved pear-shaped pieces, resembling the celebrated Chinese musical instrument, the Pi Pa. Pi Pa Tofu 23 Oct 2010
True to form, Cantonese pickled vegetables are sweet and sour rather than spicy, and their unique taste is achieved by a harmonious and subtle blending of salt, sugar and vinegar. Pickled Vegetables Cantonese Style 4 Feb 2009
This is a very small plate of pork balls and noodles served as a starter or with an alcoholic drink as a snack. The pork is seasonsed with red teriyaki powder seasoning which gives it its distinct taste. Pork Ball and Noodle Starter (Bami Mu Gorn) 11 Apr 2008
A snack straight out of a Bangkok bakery. They are mini bite sized pies (pasties) filled with Thai green curry pork. Pork Curry Pie (Mu Pad Khiew Wan Hor Pai) 11 Apr 2008
A Thai variant of a Chinese dish. These are pork mushrooms and carrot parcels, served as a starter or snack. Each parcel is approximately 3cm across. Pork Mushroom Parcels - Chow Mei (Khanom Jeap) 2 Apr 2008
A wonderful dish of stuffed onions. All the flavour of the red onions is kept in the dish and the onion served to keep the stuffing moist. Serve either as a starter or as a side dish with soup. Pork Stuffed Onions (Horm Yay Yad Sine) 4 Apr 2008
Enzymes in your mouth break the potato starch into sugars, so it's not unusual to have this for a dessert. Potato Pudding (Bod Mun) 3 Jul 2008
There are many ways of making stock, but the Chinese believe that the most balanced result comes from a long simmering of chicken, pork and ham. Abalone was traditionally included but as this is now so expensive, most people are content to dispense with it. In the Chinese kitchen, a distinction is made between the first yield of this simmering, called the prime stock, and the second yield, called the clear or secondary stock. Prime and Clear Stock 12 Aug 2009
Pudding with Dried Fruit and Rice Pudding with Dried Fruit and Rice 11 Nov 2009
Another way to use up left over pumpkin. The pumpkin is cut into pieces and cooked in coconut sauce and topped off with sugar syrup. Pumpkin in Coconut Syrup (Buad Fuk Tong) 4 Jul 2008
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