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Marinating the salmon allows all the flavours to develop, and the lime juice tenderizes the fish beautifully, so it needs very little stir-frying - be careful not to overcook it. Spiced Salmon Stir-fry 2 Mar 2008
Green Chives Buns Green Chives Buns 8 Mar 2008
Walnut Cookies Walnut Cookies 8 Mar 2008
Spring Onion Cakes Spring Onion Cakes 8 Mar 2008
Crispy Egg Bows Crispy Egg Bows 8 Mar 2008
Crispy Dumplings Crispy Dumplings 8 Mar 2008
Clay-Pot Puddings Clay-Pot Puddings 8 Mar 2008
Chestnuts with Chinese Cabbages Soup Chestnuts with Chinese Cabbages Soup 22 Mar 2008
Chestnut and Chicken Soup Chestnut and Chicken Soup 22 Mar 2008
Tofu just needs a little loving attention to give it life. This simple treatment gives it masses of flavour, a light, crisp texture on the outside, and a creamy interior. Chinese-spice Tofu and Baby Leaf Salad 24 Mar 2008
Stir-Fry Salt and Pepper Prawns Stir-Fry Salt and Pepper Prawns 24 Mar 2008
This recipe is much better than the frozen Chinese parcels you can buy at the supermarket, the fresh spring onion and coriander really makes a difference. Crispy Pork and Spring Onion Parcels (Giew Toud) 4 Apr 2008
A wonderful dish of stuffed onions. All the flavour of the red onions is kept in the dish and the onion served to keep the stuffing moist. Serve either as a starter or as a side dish with soup. Pork Stuffed Onions (Horm Yay Yad Sine) 4 Apr 2008
These steamed dumplings are made with pork seasoned with Thai teriyaki powder, widely available from Asian supermarkets. Steamed Red Pork Buns (Sa La Pow Mu Dang) 4 Apr 2008
These little mushroom houses consist of 3 layers, made up of tofu, a ball of pork mince and a mushroom on top. Mushroom Pork Houses (Had Huom Nuing Tow Hu) 5 Apr 2008
Here is a typical recipe of seasoned chicken wrapped in bi tua leaves. The leaves give the chicken a subtle tangy taste, but the dominant flavours come from the dipping sauce. Chicken Bi Tua Parcels (Gay Hor Bi Tua) 6 Apr 2008
The three main flavours come from the seafood. Three Flavours Platter (Gung Nieng Mara nam Prick Guy) 7 Apr 2008
Choose a good medley of flavour mushrooms for this dish, like shitake and seps, to give the taste more depth. Chopped Thai basil and coriander also adds to the flavour. Mushroom Tarts (Had Op Kratong Tong) 9 Apr 2008
A very simple starter to illustrate how plum sauce is used. This dish is simply made up of cubes of deep fried tofu, with plum sauce as a dipping sauce and coriander garnish. Fried Tofu and Plum Sauce (Tuw Hu Tod) 11 Apr 2008
The shape of the crab sticks make them ideal for this steamed starter. Crab Stick Rolls (Pu Aut Hur Sar Lhia) 11 Apr 2008
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