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This is a very small plate of pork balls and noodles served as a starter or with an alcoholic drink as a snack. The pork is seasonsed with red teriyaki powder seasoning which gives it its distinct taste. Pork Ball and Noodle Starter (Bami Mu Gorn) 11 Apr 2008
Inside each parcel is a shelled shrimp, surrounded by pork mince and seasonings. The tail of the shrimp gives a nice handle to pick it up with. Shrimp Dim Sum (Kanoom Jib Goung) 11 Apr 2008
These red pork pyramid shaped parcels are yet another steamed snack served as a starter. The red layer is made from seasoned pork. The inner layer is filled with noodle. Red Pork and Noodle Dumpling (Griew Hur Bami Mu Dang) 11 Apr 2008
A snack straight out of a Bangkok bakery. They are mini bite sized pies (pasties) filled with Thai green curry pork. Pork Curry Pie (Mu Pad Khiew Wan Hor Pai) 11 Apr 2008
An Italian favourite given the heat treatment thanks to fresh green chillies. Kafir lime leaves and lemongrass add a fragrant Thai edge. Thai Crab Risotto 11 Apr 2008
Tender meaty chunks of monkfish poached in creamy curry stock. This is delicious and idiot-proof - all you need are a few fresh ingredients, half an hour and a couple of hungry mouths to feed. Thai Green Monkfish Curry 11 Apr 2008
Thai Spicy Noodle Thai Spicy Noodle 14 Apr 2008
Coconut Rice Noodles Coconut Rice Noodles 19 Apr 2008
Pad Thai is often called the signature dish of Thai cuisine. There are several regional variations. Thai Style Fried Noodles (Pad Thai) 20 Apr 2008
Fiery Shrimp Curry Fiery Shrimp Curry 27 Apr 2008
A very quick and easy recipe for Chinese style Chilli Chicken. This is really delicious! Chinese Style Chilli Chicken 30 Apr 2008
Black bean sauce is a very popular condiment in Chinese cuisine. In case you have never come across with it, it is actually made from fermented black soybeans. It is strong, exotic with salty taste. It adds texture and richness to the dishes. Combined with tender beef fillets and green paper, it is a delicious, full flavoured dish for all beef lovers. Beef with Green Pepper and Black Bean Sauce 1 May 2008
Chicken Chow Mein Chicken Chow Mein 9 May 2008
Deep Fry Prawn Ball Deep Fry Prawn Ball 9 May 2008
Kung Po Chicken, one of the most well known Szechuan cuisines, can be traced back to the Qin and Han Dynasties. Although its recognition as a distinct regional system took place only in the Song Dynasty, Szechuan cuisine is famous for its distinct and various flavours. With an exceptional hot chilli flavour, Kung Po Chicken is one of the best Szechuan dishes one can get. Kung Po Chicken 9 May 2008
Chicken Egg Foo Yung Chicken Egg Foo Yung 17 May 2008
This is very simple to make and the chicken will contain more flavour if allowed to marinade with the sauce overnight. Try serving this with spicy fried rice. Thai Style BBQ Chicken 20 May 2008
The perfect Friday night dish - and easily adapted for vegetarians too. Singapore Noodles 30 May 2008
For a quick fish supper, try this super healthy dish Spicy Singaporean Fish 4 Jun 2008
One of the best way to eat duck is as the Chinese do. With this crispy duck recipe, children seem to adore it, which makes it a really lovely family dinner. It's easy to add another duck if there are even more of you eating. Crispy Duck 9 Jun 2008
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