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A typical bean and sweet coconut dessert from Thailand. This is an ideal vegetarian dish, even suitable for vegans, as the beans are full of protein. Black Soya Bean in Sweet Coconut Sauce (Tua Dam) 1 Jul 2008
Caramel Rice Balls in Ginger Sauce (Bor Loy Nam King Takai) Caramel Rice Balls in Ginger Sauce (Bor Loy Nam King Takai) 3 Aug 2008
A bite sized crunchy snack made from coconut milk and cassava starch. If you want to store these, they should be kept in an airtight container. Crunchy Coconut Balls (Kanom Pia) 2 Jul 2008
Sometimes the simplest dishes are the best. This dessert requires fresh ripe melons. Gala melon or cantaloupe are ideal for this. The coconut adds a rich taste to the melon and the two flavours work extremely well together. Iced Melon in Coconut Milk (Dang-Tie Gati) 3 Jul 2008
Kidney bean balls served in a sweet ginger sauce. Kidney Bean Balls in Ginger Sauce (Bour Loy Nam King) 7 Jul 2008
A refreshing fruit smoothie or, if you are feeling really indulgent - a base for a cocktail when added to crushed ice and a shot of vodka! Mango and Coconut Smoothie 17 Oct 2011
Enzymes in your mouth break the potato starch into sugars, so it's not unusual to have this for a dessert. Potato Pudding (Bod Mun) 3 Jul 2008
Another way to use up left over pumpkin. The pumpkin is cut into pieces and cooked in coconut sauce and topped off with sugar syrup. Pumpkin in Coconut Syrup (Buad Fuk Tong) 4 Jul 2008
These little jewels are made from salad radishes. They are crunchy in the centre like pomegranate seeds. You can also use apple if you prefer, but for true authenticity, use water chestnuts. Radish Jewels (Tub Team Grob) 4 Jul 2008
These are the classic sesame seed sweets - toffee with toasted sesame seeds similar to peanut brittle. The best way to make these is with a sugar thermometer to get the correct temperature (150°C). An alternative method is to have a bowl of cold water and as you heat the sugar, drop a little into the water and look for the brittle toffee stage. Sesame Seed Sweets (Ka Noom Nga-dtat) 10 Jul 2008
This Thai dessert is easy but messy to make. The dominant flavour is the sweetened coconut milk. The balls can be prepared beforehand and stored in cold water. However, the coconut sauce should be made just before serving. Sticky Rice Balls in Coconut Milk (Kanom Buw Loy) 28 Jun 2008
It's very typical in Thailand to eat desserts made with sweet vegetables. They are not as sweet as western desserts, but they have plenty of flavour. This one has sweet corn in a sauce made from tapioca pearls. Sweet Corn in Sweet Tapioca (Sakoo Tom Kao Prood) 10 Jul 2008
These pancakes are a Thai favorite. Sweet Pancakes with Evaporated Milk (Kanom Tokyo) 31 Jul 2008
This is yellow soya in a sticky sauce. Normally served with coconut milk, but for extra richess, you can add a spoonful of cocunut cream instead. Yellow Soya Pudding (Tao Suarn) 13 Jul 2008
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